When it comes to the world of tax resolution, we are the go-to experts. Over the years, 20/20 Tax Resolution has helped over 36,000 businesses and individuals reach successful resolutions with their IRS and state tax liabilities. In fact, we’ve developed compassionate solutions for clients in all 50 states. It is our goal to develop compassionate solutions for our clients to help reduce their debt and get them back in action. We can do the same for you.

Experienced, hard-nosed negotiators

All of our financial consultants are licensed professionals, enrolled agents or business experts certified and trained to negotiate with the IRS. And since we specialize in tax negotiation, we have working relationships with IRS offices that enable us to establish credibility on your behalf.

A problem-solving partner

First we’ll assess your situation and explain your rights and options. Then we’ll develop a plan of action you’re comfortable with. No more hassles from collections. From the moment you retain 20/20, we’ll handle all communications with the IRS, state taxing authorities and even creditors, so you can get back to your personal business.

Cash relief

At 20/20 we’re committed to providing customized solutions based on your particular needs. We’ll work closely with you to resolve your situation. And we can even free up some cash flow for you by releasing garnishments and levies, helping you keep your business, and your life, intact.