Keeping up with payroll tax regulations can be extremely complex. Rates and due dates vary by agency and change frequently — and just one inaccurate or late payment could trigger an IRS penalty. That’s why 20/20 Tax Resolution has teamed up with nationally recognized leaders in payroll, HR, and benefits solutions, to help small businesses stay current with their payroll tax obligations.

When your business signs up with a payroll service they will calculate your federal, state, and local payroll tax liability each pay period and make timely deposits on your behalf — helping you avoid penalties and interest and freeing you to focus on generating and collecting revenue. Plus, getting the help of a third-party provider can help illustrate to the taxing authorities that you are serious about compliance and may help support the request for a resolution to the tax issue.

To discuss payroll services for your small business, simply fill out the contact form in order to get in touch with a payroll specialist today.