David Miles, EA

Vice President

At 20/20: While my focus is on the growth of our strategic alliances, I wear a few hats at 20/20. This includes leading our customer service effort as well as our continuing education programs.

Success Story: Before my current role I did case work for 18 years helping clients find the best resolutions possible. Over the years, I’ve shared a number of great experiences with my clients. The best feeling was always presenting an outcome the client did not think was possible.

Industry Experience: Since 1997.

Before 20/20: I worked in retail before transitioning to managing taxes for others. After working cases for a resolution firm for two years, I arrived at 20/20 in 2001.

Piece of Advice: Get help. Even under the best circumstances a taxpayer needs to remember that the IRS or state agent is working for their respective government. Taxpayers deserve someone advocating for their best interests.

Little-known Fact(s): I’m quite the homebody. I enjoy work and love activity, but there’s nothing like being around the house, working in the yard with my wife and kids.